About Us

Square Igloo is a Melbourne based family-owned real estate services firm born on 1983. It has been serving the community both local and international for over 30 years and is one of the long standing real estate business firms until today. We have built lasting relationship that keeps us going with repeat business and referrals from our very satisfied customers.
We provide real estate access worldwide. Our website has the complete information you ever need from luxury homes, islands, vacation guesthouses according to your preference and many others. Square Igloo is known to be one of the global leaders in real estate franchising and a provider of real estate brokerage.
Our expertise and professional staff will help you all throughout the entire process, from the time you hire us until the deal closes. We value our clients more than anything else; we have a proven track of record which reflects our dedication and passion in what we do to each of our clients. We have the culture of performance based on quality, integrity and honest business dealings have propelled Square Igloo to be ranked on top among any other Melbourne residential and commercial real estate brokerage firms.